Parisian Drones

Parisian Drones
After Tokyo 2021, next up will be Paris hosting the summer Olympics of 2024. [Possibly to ferry athletes, officials and staff who have to be on time at the venues regardless of traffic] Paris is planning a flying taxi service for the event in partnership with ADP, RATP, Volocopter and ParisRegion.

Foxconn EV
Apple was working on an EV but it seems to have dropped or depriortised the project. Instead, one of its major suppliers, Foxconn has picked up the baton and will be offering an open EV platform (chassis, batteries, components, software etc).to third parties (marques, system integrators, design houses etc) on an OEM basis.

Honda Hybrid
While major car brands are moving ahead with EVs, Honda seems to be so far adrift or so invested in hybrids (internal combustion vehicles augmented by batteries) that it is asking for hybrids  to be counted as EVs. Hybrids don't count as full EVs and new sales of them will be barred come 2025 and beyond. Perhaps range extended EVs (battery powered vehicles augmented by a secondary engine: hydrogen, methanol, ICE) might make the cut.

Hazard Lights
In a possible first such change in 70 years, there is a proposal in the US to raise the frequency of the blinking of hazard lights from once per second (as it is currently) to five times per second (like a police beacon) to boost noticeability.

EV Event
For more on EVs, check out an online meetup happening this Thur (MY, Oct 22, 2020) with reps from MyEVOC, JomCharge, Scania, Linden, MARii and Eurocham.