Nikola Tesla

Nikola Telsa
  • Engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology.
  • Tesla registered 'Tesla' as a trademark in 2012 but did not take the opportunity to also pick up 'Nikola' preemptively. ' Nikola' was instead trademarked in 2019 by Nikola Motor.
  • This is a short tale of two EV makers: Nikola and Tesla.

  • Nikola is an aspiring hydrogen heavy truck maker that is under some present controversy after being accused of 'being a system integrator rather than a full stack manufacturer'.
  • Setting the controversy aside, Nikola has enjoyed early buzz and have reportedly garnered partnerships with GM, Bosch, Iveco, HanwhaCHN and Anheuser-Busch.
  • Watch (first video) as Nikola's founder, Trevor Milton, demo a prototype of the Nikola Two. [Video has been taken down]
  • A takeaway from the video is how a startup founder is the chief sales officer - Milton's enthusiasm might be one reason why Nikola has managed to rope in multiple branded partners.

  • Tesla could be the new Apple (nothing highly visible seems to be happening with the latter but some announcements later today) in terms of moving the innovation needle and random people speaking up for it.
  • Social Capital founder, Chamath, sees in it a (far out) potential to be in distributed energy (solar, batteries, EVs, and maybe even hydrogen in the future) in a post-carbon world.
  • YouTuber Ziroth makes a detailed presentation (second video) why electric trucks could be compelling: more efficient and less maintenance. In other words, cheaper to run. Which in the commercial transport world, could be self-selling if proven.