FinWeek FinFest

HK FinWeek is happening Nov 2-6, 2020. Speakers include Ray Dalio, Yuri Milner and the chief execs of Nasdaq, Fidelity, BoC, HSBC, Stanchart and Tencent. [Also, SG FinFest is on Dec 7-11, no agenda yet, speakers include the chief execs of Microsoft, Citibank, Accenture, Visa and PayPal.] Sample topics:
  • Insure Cheaper and More Profitably - WeSure
  • Successful Fintech Investments - Radiant
  • Mobile Financial Services - Facebook
  • Making NeoBanks Profitable - 86400
  • Virtual Bank UX UI - LiviBank
  • Network of Networks - Nium

Latest Fintech Startups
  • M1 - Super finance app: invest, borrow, spend (banking as an app)
  • Yova - Investapp: no derivatives, no robo, safe stocks & bonds only
  • Aspiration - Every card swipe, rounding goes to planting trees
  • Extend - Ecommerce warranty insurance for merchants & buyers
  • Modulr - Handle business payments without going through banks
  • Ordo - B2B account receivables, only 20p (25 cents) per transaction