Esther Duflo

Leadership Energy
The headline speaker for this year's Leadership Energy Summit (16-19 Nov 2020) is Esther Duflo, Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics at MIT, and a 2019 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics for her work in fighting poverty. An example of such work is finding poor learning in Kenyan students was not caused by the lack of books, big class sizes or even the lack of breakfast. Instead, these measures make a difference:
  • Remedial tutoring for weaker students
  • Putting teachers on short term contracts
  • Incentives to combat teacher absenteeism

Discovery Pass
In addition to an all access pass priced at approx USD 300 (previous years were around USD 700), this year, LESA is offering a complimentary discovery pass. The discovery pass entitles the holder to attend 2 of the 8 keynote sessions, and 4 of the 8 masterclasses by ASB faculty: