Latest Drone Updates

Skydio (US) and Azur (EU) have been granted approval in their respective flight jurisdictions to fly autonomous drones [1 2 also 3 4]. This is a major step as previously drones had to be flown within the pilot's line of sight for security and safety reasons. For more on drones, check out a meetup happening tomorrow evening (MY, Thu, Oct 8th, 2020). In other drone news:
  • Skydio X2 - Goes enterprise: adds 360° cam, IR imaging
  • DroneKit X2 - Drone that specialises in diving (as in sky diving)
  • Lucid S1 - Fast, SOP-compliant, spray sanitisation of large spaces
  • DeDrone - When you have drones, you need counter drones
  • Volansi - Long distance, heavy duty VTOL drone wins USAF pick
  • GLOBHE - Signs big global drone services deal [with Ericsson?]
  • Rhaegal CAV - Receives $600M order for 102 heavy drones