Deepvali is happening in a couple of weeks. Our festive videos for this year are related to dance. The post title blends Deepavali (Sanskrit: 'lighted lamps') and Despacito (Spanish: 'slowly') to conjure an imagery of 'rows of gently lit lamps'. Wishing readers (who celebrate the occasion) Happy Deepavali.

Bharatanatyam is a traditional dance of Tamil Nadu. The name is a portmanteau of bhava (emotion), raga (melody), tala (rhythm) and natyam (dance). Watch as Divyanka Gupta deconstructs Bharatanatyam by removing the intricate expressions (of the hands, face, eyes etc) to showcase an inner movement art which has an aesthetic of its own, to the tune of Despacito.

Kathak is a traditional dance of travelling storytellers of Northern India. The name itself is Sanskrit for 'story'. Like Bharatnayam, stories and even epics can be told through dance alone, without words, by the use of gestures and expressions, and by movement, beats, tempo and music. Watch as Vishaka Saraf and friends Vaishali and Snigdha, perform Kathak to the music of Kajra Mohabbat Wala ('the application of the eyeliner of love').

Want to learn traditional dance? Register for Ask Dance Company's outreach programme Forging Traditions Beyond Borders, an e-learning facility for traditional dances. For this year, the sponsored dance classes are for Terinai Mengadap and Zapin Perak. Supported by the Sime Darby Foundation, students who complete the course will be awarded an e-certificate from MoE. Other dance forms offered at the company include Bharatnatyam.