Smart City Updates

Net City
The term 'smart city' can be rather vague in what it does or will do. In contrast, Net City clearly defines one of its primary goals is to be car-free. Located in Shenzhen, Net City is driven by Tencent and master planned by US-based architecture firm NBBJ. Starting with a clear goal focuses possibilities such as boulevards, side walk cafes and light electric or manual mobility. [Titbit: across the border in HK, Tesla Model 3 became the top selling car model, electric or otherwise, in August.] Jonathan Ward, the lead designer of Net City, will be speaking at E-Nation happening Oct 2020.

Peachtree Corners
Peachtree Corners is a city, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, with a population of around 40,000. The city founded Curiousity Labs to offer its compact self as a test bed for autonomous vehicles (with driverless insurance thrown in), IoT, sensors, smart cameras and 5G. Ecosystem partners include Cisco, Bosch, TrafficCast and TheRay. Getting to smart city by being open for business.

IEEE Snart Cities
IEEE is hosting a smart cities virtual conference Sep 28 - Oct 1, 2020. Being IEEE organized, the conference will likely be scholarly & engineering focused. Nonetheless, a sample of topics gives a glimpse of the cutting edge:
  • The Role of Electrical Energy and Electrification in Smart Cities
  • Self-Reflection Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Summon Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Ant Colony Optimisation
  • Smart Buildings and Stochastic Electric Vehicles
  • Emotional Contagion Modelled Through The Empathy Quotient
  • Electrical Substations and Road Networks under Extreme Events
  • Digitally Advanced Water Networks
  • Application of UAVs in Smart Cities using Computer Vision