Second Wave

The Second Wave
Bugzilla looks to be making a comeback as shown above (Argentina, added as a comparison, is still in its first wave). Experts think the second wave might be due to returning to norm too enthusiastically and too quickly. The above six countries are just a sample, other European countries are also reporting an uptick, as have non-European countries [1 2 3].

Possible Measures
On a positive note, health and medical pros are more experienced in dealing with bugzilla as compared to the first wave. But we mustn't let our guard down. Reasons being, dealing with these waves is like steering a large ship, when the numbers turn bad, it takes time and effort to turn matters around. Prevention is always the better cure. Also, another round of lockdowns will be expensive. And, with a quarter of 2020 still to go, who knows what else might get thrown into the ring. So, stay prudent, follow procedures, social distance, sanitise, mask up and stay safe.