Pre-Nobel Prizes

The Nobel prizes are set to be announced Oct 5-12. Here's a sample of the winners of other honours thus far in 2020:

Breakthrough Prize info
  • Mathematics: Alex Eskin - Magic wand theorem
  • Life Sciences: Jeffrey Friedman - Biological basis of obesity
  • Physics: Shep Doeleman et al - Global network of radio telescopes

Wolf Prize info
  • Agriculture: Caroline Dean - Getting plants to flower
  • Art: Cindy Sherman - The art of self-portraiture
  • Maths: Yakov Eliashberg - Springs & planetary systems

Ig Nobel Prize info
  • Psychology: Miranda Giacomin et al - Narcissistic eyebrows
  • Physics: Ivan Maksymov et al - High frequency earthworms
  • Economics: Chris Watkins et al - The economics of kissing

Hiett Award (Humanities) info
  • Zena Hitz - Learning for its own sake (vs, say, just to get a job)
Marconi Prize (Communications) info
  • Andrea Goldsmith - Adapt wireless to ever changing variables
John von Neumann Prize (Applied Mathematics) info
  • Nick Trefethen - Numerical analysis (how computers do maths)
Turing Award (Computing Science) info
  • Edwin Catmull & Pat Hanrahan (Pixar) - Computer animation
IEEE Medal of Honor (Electronics) info
  • Chenming Hu - 3D transistor structure: kept Moore's Law going