East & West

Some countries have distinctly different East and West portions. Examples are US, RU, CN, IN, ID and...MY. This post pertains to the East and West of MY.

The sape is a traditional lute of Borneo. Originally, it had 2 strings and 3 frets; one string for the rhythm, one for the melody. How to play music with only 3-6 notes (2 strings x 3 frets)? Quite possible, depending on how one defines music. Fast forward to modern times, watch as Florentini Delly performs Datun Julud ('hornbill dance') with a contemporary sape (6 strings. 2 used, 17 frets).

Alan Walker's vids are usually pro crafted to cast a foreboding, post-apocalyptic vibe. This fan shot version (when Alan Walker was in West MY a couple of years or so back), though the audio is a bit muffled, is a riotous nod to EDM and to a time BC (before corona).