Celebrity Electric Vehicles

World EV Day was held yesterday (Sep 9th, 2020), some updates:

Celebrity EVs
A selection of EV models and their celebrity early adopters [1 2]:

Battery 2030+
BATTERY 2030+ is an EU initiative to develop sustainable battery technologies. The first six projects selected under the initiative:
  • Big-Map - Unites the R&D of 34 institutions from 15 EU counties
  • Instabat - Fiber Bragg grating and luminescence probes
  • Sensibat - SOC/SOH/SOE/SOP estimation algorithms
  • Spartacus - Electrochem impedance measurement & temp sensors
  • Hidden - Self-healing thermotropic liquid crystalline electrolytes
  • Bat4ever - Si-Graphene anode, Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt cathode