BigTech Chugs On

While some industries are held back by bugzilla, big (and small) tech looks to be pushing ahead.

Big Tech
  • Apple-Google contact tracing starts in EU.
  • Google rolls out verified calls (who's calling and why).
  • YouTube rolls out Shorts (TikTok challenger)
  • Apple Watch packs an oximeter (bugzilla early warning).
  • Apple Watch features the U1 chip (like RFID but smarter).
  • Facebook goes back to its campus roots.
  • Long Term Stock Exchange opens for business.
  • Gymless gym: Peleton, Fitmess+ and yoga pants.

Digital Banks
Sample new digital banks 1
  • Kroo - Socialise your spending, don't hide it
  • Vivid - Stock and ETF linked bank accounts
  • Be Money - Digital bank for LGBT+
  • 220 - Private digital bank for the well-heeled
  • Tomorrow - Deposits fund green loans only
  • Onebanks - Branches for digital banks
  • PrizePool - Bank it like a prize pool