YC S20 | Carbon Tax

YC S20
Y Combinator will be holding demo days for its Summer 2020 batch on Aug 24-25. Sample startups:

  • Yotta - Digital bank that comes with a weekly $10M lottery draw
  • Rally - If Zoom is the office meeting, Rally is the pub gathering
  • Justo - Order food direct: domain, app, coupons, dynamic pricing
  • Sidekick - Recreate an intense, close-knit office feel at home
  • Virtually - Zoom-centred school management system
  • Kuleana - Impossible seafood: veggie blue fin tuna
  • Flocknet - Make your Twitter followers your flock
  • CarbonChain - Essential carbon accounting

Carbon Tax
A carbon tax is a tax levied or to be levied on fossil fuels for their CO2 emission potentiality. The 2016 Paris Agreement proposes pricing CO2 between $40 to $100 per tonne (the US has pulled out of the Agreement but has proposed a similar Carbon Dividends Plan which starts at $15 and increases $15 each year). A typical car emits approx 5 tonnes of CO2 per year (that's the weight of 2 SUVs). At a price of $100 per tonne, drivers could be up for $500 (MYR 2000) in carbon taxes per year. Hence, the move to more efficient or alternative power sources and electric mobility.