Wearable Wallets

Lockdown Tech
For the great social distancing, technologies that are there-for-folks:
  • Internet: work from home
  • Zoom: virtual meets
  • YouTube: education, entertainment
  • Social media: community, news
  • Ecommerce: retail, food, groceries
  • E-banking: banking, payments
  • Messaging, email: communications

Digital Currency
Late to the party is digital currency. How could it help?
  • Micropayments: for micro gigs or products
  • Seamless cross-border: for small businesses
  • Progammable: monetary confidence in aid and stimulus
  • Ledgered: regulatory confidence in currency flows
  • Parallel: can co-exists with legacy cash
  • Green hygiene: Less need for physical cash

Wearable Wallets
Digital wallets pair nicely with digital currencies. Ideal characteristics:
  • Wearable like a watch (v more clumsy phone or scary skin chipping)
  • Can range from a chipped wristband to a full-featured smartwatch
  • Present uses (for watch): time, notifications, bio monitor
  • New uses: payments, id, access (vehicle, office, residence)
  • Finger gesture control eg. point index finger to transact
  • Thumb up to confirm (if required) or splay fingers to dismiss