Notes: Money EV TikTok

Is 'Money Printing' Free Money?
Nope, at the point of printing, it's a dilution of current money. But if the new money is put to good use, it can create the value to back itself. The key here is 'put to good use' and that's not easy because money behaves like water - it tends to flow everywhere and disperse. Hence, governments are generally disinclined to simply 'print money'.

Will Drivers Switch From SUVs to EVs?
The switch from horses to cars took a decade. Cars were compelling because they offered much better UX than horse-drawn buggies. Will drivers switch from big, cocooned SUVs to light EVs? Prius has been plugging away since 1997, Tesla 2008 and Leaf 2010. Almost 20 years. For a big switch, the UX probably needs to turn from being driver-centric to a broader city, community and green focus. Led by trend-setting, forward-looking cities or countries.

TikTok vs YouTube
Though only 15 sec long, some TikTok clips do take diligence and imagination to make (the 15s limit encourages spontaneity and light production). Seed memes (eg. the wipe challenge) makes it easy for creators to quickly get started with template storyboards. These, plus discovery and mobile friendly vertical video, fueled the rise of TikTok. YouTubers have kept pace creative-wise in terms of compelling content. WFH and the consequent increased use of laptops and desktops should boost the horizontal video format too.