Digital Malls

Digital Malls
Digital malls have gone through a few iterations:
  • A physical mall with shops selling electronic gadgets
  • An ecommerce portal of multiple brands, branded as a mall
  • Online shops that branched offline into a reverse O2O mall
  • The latest: a virtual shopping mall

Virtual Mall
A virtual mall differs from ecommerce portals by conceptually starting from a mall rather than a portal. We haven't seen one (not that we are prolific online shoppers) until we chanced upon The Artisans Haven. A fresh concept as compared to ecommerce sites:
  • No bewildering array of choices
  • No algorithms, no info overload
  • Local retailers, no 'ships from overseas'
  • Strong retailer branding
  • Intuitive to navigate

The Haven consist of an artisan concourse, a retail floor, and a convention centre which features a reading room, retreat, auditorium, studio, theatre and comedy club. Brands that have signed up include Targus, Ogawa and District 21. The mall is still work-in-progress, but kudos for a new take on retail.