Lounge Music Vibe

Local authorities in many places have generally kept pubs and lounges shuttered as these venues are considered higher risk in terms of the 3Cs: crowded (people in close vicinity), confined (stuffy, less well ventilated) and congested (many patrons coming and going). In addition, at music lounges, patrons tend to converse loudly to be heard over the music, and this is an additional risk factor.

Despite being shuttered, young people have sought to defy the ban on such gatherings. Because to them, the need to socialise is greater than the perceived danger to themselves and to society. Hopefully, life will return to normal for them soon.

Sound Mixing
For readers who miss the vibe (pub, music lounge or street cafe), try playing the above two videos simultaneously. The first is a cover of Nothing Gonna Change My Love for You (no info on singer), the second is ambient white noise from a bar. Adjust the volumes of both videos to arrive at a balance that gives the music a lounge vibe (eg. try half volume on the song and full volume on the ambience).