IEEE Fellows | Electronics Startups


IEEE Innovation Nation invites teams to compete in submitting innovative startup proposals with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and maths. Prizes include a 3-month training programme, cash and being accorded IEEE Innovation Nation Fellows. The training curriculum includes:

  • What is, what if, what wows?
  • Difference between any problem and a problem worth solving
  • Finding the right founders, partners and advisors
  • Share structures, contracts, patents and trademarks
  • Venture vs angel capital
  • Fancy stuff vs what customer wants
  • Executing a product launch
The programme is conducted in three countries: BA, SL, MY. Local partners: SMA-TEGAS, FutureLab, MaGIC, Founders. Apply before Sep 1st here.

Electronics Startups
As IEEE is an electronics association, here are some latest electronics startups (some material from EEtimes).
  • Spark - Bluetooth is so 1990s
  • Syntiant - Ultra-low-power, always-on voice input
  • Movellus - Digital, not analog, phased-locked loop
  • Movandi - Because 5G can't penerate glass or walls
  • Proplus - Enhanced SPICE integrated circuit simulator
  • Navitas - Energy: use gallium nitrite instead of silicon
  • Irresistible - Fullerene materials for electron-beam lithography
  • AccelerComm - Advanced channel coding (error correcting codes)
  • UpMem - 15x speed gain by adding processors into memory chips
  • Kyulux - Hyperfluorescence OLEDs that do not rely on rare earths
  • FMC - RAM from ferroelectric hafnium oxide vs dielectric semicon