Google Bank

Google Bank
Google is dipping into banking in a creative way. It will deploy Google Pay as a sign-up, front end and UI for banks, with Citibank, BBVA and Bank Mobile among the eight pioneer partner banks. 'G Bank' is set for launch in 2021.

Tenino Currency
The town of Tenino in Washington, US, is issuing its own currency: $25 bills printed as retro wooden cards. The money is given to residents in need of financial aid and can be spent only at stores and eateries within the town. Merchants can redeem the cards for cash at City Hall which runs the program.

Digital Identity
Digital identities are typically based on email addresses or phone numbers One disadvantage is giving away these during registration with third parties may later lead to spam etc. ID 2020, a digital identity alliance, aims to address this (eg. use of generated numbers instead of fixed ids) plus promote better digital ids. Alliance members include Accenture, HyperLedger and Microsoft.

Card Tokenisation
JP Morgan and Marqeta will tokenise debit and credit cards by allowing virtual ones to be generated on the fly for commercial clients. Eg. virtual cards can be issued to project team members at the start of a project and rescinded when the project is complete. Other uses may include CSR, promos.