Europas Startup Awards | Global Maker Challenge

Europas Startup Awards
A sample of awardees from Europas 2020 (European startup awards):
  • Infinited - Textile fiber from natural sources vs synthetics [SusTech]
  • SETsquared - Joint incubator of 5 universities [Accelerator]
  • iFarm - Urban vertical farm [AgTech]
  • Einride - Autonomous freight transporter [Mobility]
  • FocalPoint - GPS tracking that is 10x more accurate [SpaceTech]
  • BuilderAI - AI-powered app development [AI]
  • Bolt - Uber challenger: charges lower fees, commissions [Unicorn]

Global Maker Challenge
The Global Maker Challenge celebrates green and inclusive tech. Sample finalists (the last two, ColdHubs and TruTrade, offer noteworthy glimpses into non-industrialized food chains):
  • Ixon - Use sous-vide to keep food fresh vs cold storage
  • AlgiKnit - Textile fiber from 'sea cotton'
  • AquaCycl - Electricity from residue processing
  • BioCellection - Recycle non-recyclable plastics
  • ColdHubs - Solar powered cold rooms for food storage
  • TruTrade - Connect small farmers to buyers [2019]