CoWorking + CoStorage

A co-working + co-storage space is ideal for fledgling businesses which require inventory storage, and a workspace for packing, unpacking, acceptance, delivery and admin tasks. See an example below in our latest list of startups:
  • ScoutDNS - Content filtering using DNS
  • LibreTaxi - Open source version of Uber/Lyft
  • WorkFriendly - Co-working plus co-storage space <<
  • Armis - Inventorize IT equipment using network analysis
  • LessAccounting - Small business alternative to Quickbooks
  • Dataplor - Accurate, hand-compiled database of businesses
  • AreaWFI - Continuous passport for humans in a virtual world
  • Mobeewave - Turn iPhone into a card waive PoS, no attachments
  • Mapwize - Indoor mapping (not covered by Waze, GMaps, Here etc)
  • Bollinger - One of new wave of EV startups offering truck-like SUVs
  • GDFLab - Use AI to upscale images & videos eg from 360p to 1080p