Autumn Tech Events

Facebook Connect
Gaming is way up during lockdowns. Games are currently mainly rendered in 2D (desktop, mobile), the nascent field being 3D (AR/VR, goggles, headsets). Explore the latest in alt reality at Facebook Connect happening Sep 16th, 2020. Sample topics:

Design Thinking
Design thinking attempts to arrive at solutions starting from design rather than tech. Design Thinking DTVX is going virtual this year with virtual field trips, awards, exhibitions, meet-and-greet and virtual booths. Happening Sep 9th to 11th, 2020, conference topics include:
  • Lean + Agile + Design - Optum
  • Design Thinking University - IDEO-U
  • The Case for Design Thinking Investment - EastWestBank

The Next Web
The Next Web's flagship event TNW 2020 kicks off Oct 1st, with a focus on the European tech scene. Topics include:
  • Saving The Ocean - RevOcean
  • How To Compete with Tech Giants - Blix
  • How To Make Your Brand Irresistible - Typeform