The Art of Alfresco

Battle of Bugzilla
  • In the battle of bugzilla, it is essential to keep to procedures.
  • In WW2, towns and cities were frequently bombed at night.
  • To make it harder for the bombers to spot their targets, these towns and cities went into blackouts.
  • Great discipline was required, for if a resident kept their lights on, it could result in the whole neighbourhood being leveled.

Targeted Lockdowns
  • Authorities are mulling or in the cusp of going back to lockdowns.
  • Some are considering targeted lockdowns vs blanket ones.
  • Target: any place crowded, confined and close quarters (3C).
  • Prime candidates: eateries, pubs, events, gatherings.

The Art of Alfresco
  • A possible escape for eateries is to be allowed to go alfresco.
  • Needs monitoring to validate alfresco is indeed safer.
  • Not applicable to all eateries, malls could focus on easy takeouts.
  • Alfresco case studies: NY | UK | SG | NY | KL | HK | BK | US | US | CDC