Plastic Challenge

Ending Plastic Pollution Innovation Challenge

UNDP, Regjeringen and Norad invite residents from ASEAN countries to EPPIC (Ending Plastic Pollution Innovation Challenge). With a focus on ocean pollution, the challenge seeks to address the production and consumption of plastic. Possible solutions may include:
  • Materials to replace plastic
  • Drones and crowd sourcing to track plastics
  • App for recycling of plastics
  • Behavioural change programs
The top 4 winners will be awarded a USD 18K seed funding, a 9 month impact incubation program @ VN and access to impact investors. Interested parties may apply here by Aug 6th, 2020.

Solution Survey

New School 1 2
  • Abeego - Reusable wrapping made from hemp, cotton, beeswax
  • Stasher - Food grade, silicone storage bag that is BPA free
  • Candy - Cutlery made from cane sugar
  • Arekapak - Packaging from palm leaves
  • DoEat - Edible containers from potatoes (think ice cream cones)
  • Pond - Natural resin that can used to bind natural fibres

Old School
  • Banana Leaf - Natural, biodegradable water-proof wrapping
  • Newspaper - Recycled, outer wrap for food and other materials
  • Tiffin Carrier - Durable food carrier which can last decades
  • Coconut Shell - Multi-use, biodegradable, BPA free bowl
  • Rattan Basket - Durable, crack and scratch-free carrier
  • Food Kart - Travels to customer, minimal or BYO container

  • Natural wrappings were strengthened by folding, geometry, strings
  • The above solution survey covers mainly consumer products
  • Need also to address industrial uses eg nylon fishing nets