Mask Startups

Face Mask Tests
Firstly, a summary and update of our earlier face mask testing post. [This is an informal guide for your further research only and is not technical or health advice. Masks that do not pass some of the tests are not necessarily defective. Check with qualified sources or health authorities for proper information.]
  1. Fire The middle ply is inflammable (the other 2 plies too)
  2. Water The mask holds water (on both sides)
  3. Electrostatic The mask picks up small pieces of paper
  4. Blow The wearer of the mask cannot blow out a lighter flame
  5. Droplets Front (blue) side of the mask repels water, the back absorbs
  6. Breathing Wearer does not feel dizzy after wearing for a few minutes
  7. Seal When breathing, the surface of the mask rise and fall visibly
  8. Tear The middle layer is hard to tear, not like paper
  9. Bands Stretch the bands a few times, they should not tear off easily
  10. Box Sealed, states manufacturer, importer, expiry date

Face Mask Startups
  • LEAF - Clear N99 mask
  • UVMask - Ultraviolet irradiated mask
  • AIRism - Uniqlo's cool & dry mask a big hit with shoppers
  • Donut Robotics - Mask doubles as a smartphone microphone
  • Mizuno - Mask made from (swimsuit like) soft-stretch tricot
  • Ao Air - Futuristic, dual-intake, powered mask
  • BioVYZR - Full-face, powered mask and shield
  • Good For You - Hand-made, reusable, sustainable masks
  • PurME - P100 mask that can be used for public health & haze
  • Disney - Branded, donor masks that come in multiple sizes
  • Shellios - Bike helmet maker goes into making PAPR
  • O2 Curve - Certified 3-part mask: cover, filter, seal
  • Civility - Next generation transparent mask
  • iMASC - Affordable, reusable, N95 grade mask