Bugzilla Musings

Reopening Dial Back
Based on the experiences of various locations which eased lockdowns (eg HK) only to have bugzilla come roaring back, there is a possibility authorities may dial back re-openings. Thus, businesses should have their secondary channels ready (digitalisation, virtualisation, branding etc) in case lockdowns return, while still firmly running business as usual (or unusual).

Methanol Sanitisers
Suddenly feeling giddy headed while out shopping? Could this be due to using hand sanitisers that contain methanol? Better to buy your own hand sanitisers from reputable sources and keep one handy with you while going out. Rather than generously apply free sanitisers from random public dispensers. [Note: not medical advice, for your further research only.]

The Art of Masking
[Not serious] In certain locales, people who decline to mask up also tend to drive SUVs and pickups. And are unlikely to be seen driving small cars. This suggests there could be a market for an SUV equivalent of the face mask (full-face protection, powered, look and function like a tactical helmet) that mask agnostics could take to. A hypothetical example of where sometimes art and design might be the answer.