Women's Conference | Reading

Women Tech Global Conference 2020
WomenTechNet is hosting a conference on June 10-20, 2020. Sample topics:
  • Be a Brand, Not an Employee - Kanika Tolver, Treasury
  • Career Architecture - Chinwe Esimai, Citigroup
  • Data Science for Social Good - Flilipa Castro, DSSG
  • Thing Identity in IoT - Ameni Channoufi, Thales
  • Data Science Model - Laveena Ramchandani, Deloitte
  • The Future of Transport - Tineke Bakker, Boeing
  • From Engineer to Entrepreneur - May Wang, ZingBox
  • Digital Forensics - HimaBindu Vejella, OpenText
  • Breaking Into The Video Games Industry - Paradox
  • Leaving Others A Little Better - Helen Altshuler, Google

Reading is pivotal because the stories that we read (or tell ourselves) can define us. Explore further at a meetup by OYS tomorrow (June 6th). Some notes on reading and stories:
  • Long ago, knowledge was passed down verbally: stories, plays
  • When writing was invented, the stories were transferred to text
  • Then came writing, reading, books, libraries and book stores
  • Stories exercise the mind because the reader must manifest a story as virtual reality in the mind
  • Reading is a companion of doing eg Buffet, Musk are avid readers
  • What was your last big read? War and Peace, Harry Potter or FB?