Mobile Retail

What would a new economy be like? We explore some possibilities.

Over time, grocery retail has evolved:
  • Open air markets
  • Grocers (shops)
  • Big supermarkets
  • Decentralised chain grocers
  • Online shopping & delivery

Mobile Retail
There is one more model: the mobile grocer
  • The shop is based off a bike, van or truck
  • The shop comes to the customer vs customer goes to the shop
  • It is decentralised stores taken one step further
  • Was once popular in the Far East (until big supermarts emerged)
  • This article says GroceryNeighbour is the first such in the world
  • This is correct in the sense GN is innovatively paired with an app
  • App: routes, arrival times, specialty orders, stock availability etc
  • Solves: ecommerce inaccessibility or tedium, underserved suburbs or communities, venturing out while bugzilla is around

  • Western mobile grocers have an aisle for all weather shopping
  • Eastern ones save on the aisle & have outward facing shelves
  • For bug fighting, non-enclosed space is better, or pre-order for pickup or drop-off