DooWop Kinetic

Doo Wop
Another characteristic of doo wop music is a foot (or finger) tapping beat which is easy to dance to. In this second part of our two part [part one] mini Doo Wop Festival, we showcase three doo wop dance videos. Here's to hoping H2 2020 is better than H1.

Pretty Pretty Girl
Marge Champion performs a sparking ballet + cabaret dance to the music of Pretty Pretty Girl. The scene is from the movie Everything I Have Is Yours (1962). The music is not the original soundtrack but a latter day remix which matches the dance very well.

Runaround Sue
Zumba instructor Asia Adamek and friends do what looks like an impromptu Zumba dance at a beauty accessory shop to the music of Runaround Sue. Sitting for too long while working at the office or home? Get off the chair, follow the dance, and partake in the refreshing benefits of exercise. [ Longer dances: Oh Diana | Mr Postman | Twist Again ]

Allez Allez Allez
Liverpool's new supporters' anthem is Allez Allez Allez ('come on, come on, come on'). Sounds vaguely doo wop? It is indeed doo wop: the melody follows a doop wop chord progression. The song itself is derived from L'estate Sta Finendo. And there you have it. English football club, French song title, Italian song and American doo wop. Congrats to Liverpool for winning the championship this season.