Indiegogo Gadgets

A browse of Indiegogo returns gadgets for WFH, masking up and home cooking:

Amazfit Smartwatch
The screen size of a smartwatch is limited because the flat panel needs to rest on a rounded wrist. Amazfit X Smartwatch overcomes this by using a curved AMOLED display that wraps round the wrist, providing more than double the normal vertical scroll space. Comes with a 7-day battery and a heart rate monitor. Great for pacing one's day. Price $170 and up.

AiT Smart Desk
The AiT Smart One is a desk that can be height adjusted for sitting or standing usage. It features a whiteboard-like surface which one can write on, great for ad hoc notes. Options include integrated Bluetooth speakers and an aromatherapy diffuser. Price: $500 and up. [Would be perfect if the desk could do three heights: cross-legged, seated and standing.]

LMP Mask
The surgical masks commonly used by the public are non-recyclable and non-degradable. Since the pandemic is world wide, millions of these masks could be going to the landfill everyday. LMP S2 Reusable Protective Face Mask features a reusable molded silicon body and a disposable FFP3 (one grade above N95) filter. Price: $33 and up. [An even greener mask could perhaps use a washable HEPA (N95 grade) filter.]

Misen Carbon
Most pans and woks in kitchenware and DIY stores are non-stick coated. The coating is easily scratched, burnt or damaged rendering the pan hazardous for further use and non-recyclable. Also, coated pans can't be used for wok hei (charred flavour) fiery sizzles like the ones seen at street kitchens. Pro chefs and restaurants use carbon steel pans like Misen Carbon Steel Pan which are naturally non-stick without chemicals. Price: $55 and up.