DooWop Festival

Doo Wop info
  • Doo Wop is a style of group singing featuring light instrumentation and simple melodies.
  • The defining characteristics are an underlying cheerfulness and playfulness, doo wop backing vocals and silky delivery.
  • The doo wop vocals served as an alternative to instrumentation when the pioneers of the style did not have instruments.
  • Unlike contemporary acapella where the vocals resemble musical instruments, doo wop is a more natural harmonisation based on words or syllables, like 'doo wop' or 'shoo bee doo'.
  • The style, which started in the mid 50s in the US and popular till the early 60s, faded away when electrical guitars and organs entered the pop music scene giving rise to rock, metal etc.
  • To celebrate this 'forgotten' genre, we have having a mini Doo Wop Festival over two posts [2nd post]. As the Fest is about a musical style and not nostalgia, the featured music videos are modern covers selected for the art.

  • In the first video, Italian singer Sayaka Alessandra performs a cover of Dream Lover. The TikTok style of the video harks back to the early days of YouTube (presently, YT favours polished TV-like content). YouTube is coming up with a TikTok challenger, hopefully it does not lose sight of longer amateur vids like this one.
  • The second video sees Nashville group Mason Grace performing In The Still of The Night. [The song has the distinction of being the only song to have charted on the Billboard Hot 100 three separate times, by the same artist (Five Satins) with the same version each time. In the Still of the Night is one of two songs that may lay claim to being the origin of the term doo wop.]
  • The third video shows German girl band Fishing For Compliments ‎(haha) covering Teenager in Love. Unlike other covers of this song, the singers are actual teenagers. Though sung hip-hop style, the performance retains the essentials of doo wop: cheerful, playful and a doo wop backing.