Experimental Conference

Content Delivery Network
  • A content delivery network (CDN) distributes content to servers around the world so that content is located closer to where audiences are.
  • Eg if a person in UK creates a web page about Scottish Wildcats and if that page is popular in NZ, a CDN will cache that page in NZ.
  • As a result, when the page is read, the contents (text, images etc) won't have to travel all the way from UK to NZ.

Cloudfare TV
  • One of the world's top CDN is Cloudfare.
  • Yesterday (June 8th, 2020), it launched a video service called Cloudfare TV (CTV, our acronym) which is intended to be a new kind of conference format. CTV is modelled in part on TV and MTV.
  • Its launch runs June 7-13 with talks like (see next section):

  • Healthier Tech for a Digitally Distracted World - Cloudfare
  • Kids & Tech: How To Keep Them Sane - Common Sense Media
  • The Risk of Internet Consolidation - Tim Berners-Lee, W3C
  • E-Stonia: The Future of E-Societies - Toomas lves, Estonia
  • What Lies Ahead for Cryptography - Dan Boneh, Stanford

  • Cloudfare notes that people attend live events because of keynotes, demos, tech meets and socials.
  • The cons are high expenditure, time away, accommodation, unhealthy food, 'being herded like cattle' (and lockdowns).
  • CTV is work-in-progress, kudos for trying something new.