Apple Virtual

We thought Apple would push the envelope on virtual events at WWDC and so it did on the first day:
  • Produced, pre-recorded keynote (for a HD experience)
  • Slightly muted graphics and audio to not jar the senses
  • And to make it look like a keynote and not an ad
  • Multitude of presenters and settings to keep it fast paced
  • Brief recap of each day [recap, keynote]

A pick of forthcoming talks (the banner image will be replaced by a video):
  • tvOS - Operating system for the television
  • Intelligent Design - Get ready for what the user wants to do next
  • CarPlay - Integrate the car with charging, parking and ordering
  • CarKeys - Digital car keys: key sharing, key management
  • HealthKit - Framework for third party health apps and fitness data
  • CountingSteps - Counting steps as a health and mobility metric
  • ARQuickLook - 3D shopping with integrated ApplePay