Shields Up

At The Flanks
  • Imagine being under attack by a bug army. The medical corps is sent to meet the assault. The bug then sent regiments to attack the flanks. As a result, the industrial corps is being called up to shore up up the sides. If the flanks are overrun, so will the front.
  • This is perhaps why the lockdown was suddenly lifted: the sentries got wind of an imminent attack at the flanks (businesses can't hold out much longer, critical need to restock the supply chain etc).
  • Maximise well being at work by masking up and shielding up.

  • Austria saw a 90% drop in bug cases after requiring the wearing of masks. In contrast, local health authorities here have only issued an advisory to wear masks, possibly because the supply chain can't meet a mandatory order to universally don masks.
  • Nevertheless, field observations (by us) show many in the city are already wearing masks. The 5% or less that don't look like they haven't 'got the memo', rather than being wilfully defiant.
  • The authorities may yet make it mandatory, until then businesses could consider mask up as a door policy (precedent: concerts and clubs won't allow in the casually dressed). To avoid stopping irate customers at the door, put up big, highly visible signs stating very clearly 'no mask, no entry', or 'no service'.
  • Wearing masks could be a 'new normal' like putting on clothes to go out. You are expected to be clothed, and if you are not, you could end up in a social sin bin or the slammer.
  • A signage company is now selling shields (post image). An example of pivoting and meeting new market demand.

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