Fine Dining Meet

Fine Dining
Fine dining restaurants with their lofty overheads (posh locations, premium staff etc) must be facing a mighty challenge. To discuss their next steps, fine dining reps, including from Osteria Francescana ('world's best restaurant' twice), DirtCandy (veggie-driven food), two S.Pellegrino Young Chef winners, Gluttonomy (marketing) and Tock (delivery) will be speaking at a webinar happening tonight (1am GMT+8). | also

There are still lots of untapped potential in payments. Examples: 1) More efficient payment-delivery cycle 2) Use of ewallets as an alternative to programmable digital currency eg. the use of e-vouchers which have time limits (and thus cannot be hoarded). More on payments and fintech: 1 2 3 4.

Other Events
After the Raya (Eid) break, BNM, EPF, MPC, MATRADE, WorldBank, Deloitte, MIT-Sloan get together to ponder post-bug economics here and here.