FB & IG: Shops

FB launched Shops today to enable small businesses to sell online.

  • Create one shop and sell across FB, IG, WS
  • Free, easy to setup and to upload products
  • Shop is native to FB and fast (vs external properties)
  • Supports live shopping, product launches, tutorials
  • Auto tagging and categorising (from product photos)
  • Auto profiling (eg if male, show male clothing)
  • Augmented reality (eg try on sunglasses)
  • Payment by credit card stored with FB
  • Revenue model (for FB): ads for merchants

Open Ecosystem Partners

  • Roll out starts with the US
  • Ecosystem: discovery, consideration, checkout, logistics & support
  • FB likely looking for more partners to join as Shops roll out further
  • Challenges: scams, illicit products, disputes
  • Above could be handled by partners (FB layers on top, like events)
  • For buyers without credit cards, a digital currency would be useful
  • Focus likely on hyperlocal rather than global commerce initially
  • No URL to setup page available yet