Ethereal Virtual Summit

Ethereal Virtual Summit started yesterday (runs over 2 days) but good thing about a virtual event is if you missed a day or the event, you can still watch the recordings (jump to 1:03:30 to skip the intros) if they are made available. We generally don't cover cryptos anymore, this summit is presented as an example of a fledgling virtual conference. Notable features are a clear agenda and the use of plenaries (YouTube) and round tables (Zoom). Sample topics:
  • Money Market on Steroids - Stani Kulechov, AAVE
  • Consortia As A Service - Janine Moir. Deloitte
  • Prize-Linked Savings - Leighton Cusack, PoolTogether
  • Ticketing with NFTs - Nate Geier, Mintbase
  • Spendless Giving - Victor Rortvedt, rTrees
  • Art as Currency - Jason Baile, Artnome
  • Ethereum Enterprise - Yorke Rhodes, Microsoft
  • From Pay Day to Money Streaming - Sablier
  • Societal Impact of Technology - Ron Bodkin, Google

Pick of Events (W2-May-2020)
SG: Droid 11, Future Cities, TikTok v Zoom; HK: Beethoven 250th; MY: Neobanks