Designer Shields

Face Shield
A face shield protects the face of the wearer when dealing with the public at close quarters. Dezeen reports face shields have gotten the attention of designers and researchers. In the composite image above (L-R):
  • HappyShield - Folded from a single piece of clear plastic
  • Soffio - Inflatable face shield that allows eating and drinking
  • Joe Doucet - Wraparound face shield with built-in sunglasses

  • For HappyShield, the folding adds a forehead offset which prevents the shield from pressing against the face mask (makes breathing harder). The mask, as shown, is rather short; it should extend beyond the chin.
  • The Soffio design looks crazy but that's the nature of design experimentation. The innovation is in the use of air pressure rather than stiff plastic to provide structural rigidity.
  • The Joe Doucet design, which is actually an extended eye wear, will likely be too stuffy if worn with a face mask.
  • Post-bug, face shields could continue as a fashion accessory, like caps and hats.