Carrying On

CES Asia
CES Asia @ CN scheduled for June 10-12 has been shelved. However, the Swiss Pavilion has decided to carry on by hosting an online pitch of 20 startups. Sample startups:
  • CodeLane - Avatars that read and display emo cues
  • GazeSense - Robots that look where you are looking at
  • Important - Pedestrian safety app that talks to smart car systems
  • Mithras - Convert body heat to electricity (for wearables etc)
  • Sevensense - Robot navigation that learns and adapts on-the-go
  • Rigi - Terahertz (like x-rays but without the harm) cameras
  • Trustless - Credit-card computer that does e-banking, e-wallet
  • Typewise - Radical, new, hive-like, soft keyboard
  • Voliro - Robotic drone that has arms, can fly vertical, upside down

Eurovision @ NL scheduled for May 16th was also scrubbed. But a plucky Dutch broadcaster decided to proceed with an AI version of the contest. Sample songs (as a fun comparison, the last two are past Eurovision winning songs composed by humans): [ML=Machine Learning]