Bugzilla Takes A Break?

Many countries are rolling back lockdowns starting next week, in time for the start of summer. This is the opportunity to economically salvage 2020 in the 3-6 months before the onset of autumn and winter when bugzilla may ride again. A time for intense concentration and total diligence. A time for preparation and to make hay while the sun shines. Some random notes:

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  • You may need to stock up on PPE if you need it for work. A check with a DIY chain and grocery stores showed masks and gloves are out of stock, while pharmacies say they still have them.
  • Should you wear a mask in the car? If you live in a high rise, you should suit up before going to the lift lobby. Once suited up, you shouldn't fiddle with the PPE (like touch your face).
  • Face shields are useful if you have to work closely with the public as the shield prevents ballistic droplets from landing on your face.
  • Too much fussing over the bug? Do not take the bug lightly, with distancing, hygiene, e-contact tracing and testing, it should be manageable. [This section is not health advice.]

  • Rental is a big overhead for companies. If WFH worked well for them, they may downsize or give up their office. This may dampen demand for office space in the short to medium term.
  • This could be an opportunity for building or converting adobes to add a WFH study, or for flexispaces eg. turn the living room into an office space with a few nudges of furniture here and there.
  • Office services (address, secretarial, mailing, coworking) could uptrend if the above transpires. Ditto storage spaces & co-workshops.

  • Some eateries are doing very well because their peers have not resumed work. Sales should probably pick up even more next week.
  • While there were news of many boba tea stores dropping out, a survey by us showed youngsters are back at their usual joints.
  • From what we can see, eateries that do well have outdoor seating or vibe (ie naturally ventilated), and a rep for good food and friendly prices. These attributes entice customers to queue for takeout or brave the bug for a bite.