Back To The Office

Back To The Office
  • The lifting of the lockdown could be a probation. If people don't behave (or if the bug marches on), they could be banished to their rooms again in two weeks time, just in time in time for Eid.
  • Businesses are not forced to return, they can continue to work remotely if they want and if possible. For example, in the US, Google has told employees they won't be returning to the office till June.
  • Businesses can spend the first one week prepping their premises by checking equipment and facilities, installing ventilation etc.
  • Also CCTVs (contact tracing), door access systems (no mask, no entry) and alarm systems (in case of another lockdown).
  • Take this opportunity to contingency housekeep and do up Plans B and C while there is freedom of movement. Example, if you planning to buy a laptop, do it soon before the supply chain gets stretched.
  • Lunch should be on premise, either catered for or bulk delivered to minimise social mixing. Consider ordering from nearby eateries to support the neighbourhood economy.

  • Good opportunity to pedestrianise sidewalks and boulervards to allow al-fresco dining social distancing style. Too hot for lunch under the mid-day sun? Not at all, warongs and mamaks (street food vendors) have long done it with the help of canopies.
  • MDEC is hosting a 5-day online ecommerce fest from May 4-8 with topics like cross-border commerce (LWE), whatsapp commerce (Yezza) and M2C: manufacturer to consumer (Everpeaks).
  • Stay home (if you can), stay vigilant, mask up, sanitise and stay safe.