Advances in Virtual Conferences

As more virtual conferences are held, organisers are thinking up ways to make their events more useful and attractive. Initially, virtual conferences had a WFH vibe but as can be seen from Consensus 2020 held last week (May 11-15), organisers are making an effort to raise the bar:
  • Better lighting, camera angles (eg. not pointing at the ceiling)
  • Better video quality and backgrounds
  • Audio is generally still a problem
  • Moderators who are TV hosts like in polish
  • Or even better, as they are industry insiders
  • Speakers who do not look like they just got out of bed
  • Heavyweight keynote speakers
  • Post event videos that are curated and edited for brevity
  • Short 15-sec sponsor ad (BTC promo) before each video
  • Strong branding of main sponsor in collaterals (revenue)
  • Bad: the organiser uses its own video service, which jitters
The conference likely took some effort by a team of producers & assistants: to contact and schedule the speakers, some who are heavyweights, discuss topics, getting the speakers to test video and audio, and to dress up a bit, getting hold of them at the appointed time, and to monitor the video and audio feeds (eg to highlight the correct speaker and slides).

Insurance Insider
InsiderTech London is a virtual reinsurance (an arcane topic) conference happening May 21st. The conference features networking via a dedicated app (desktop and mobile, as Whatsapp is generic in function and not always user friendly) and a virtual goodie bag consisting of e-goodies.

Convention Meet
The in-person convention industry is in a bind, people are staying home due to the bug. Google and FB have announced their staff won't be returning to the office till 2021. This suggests corporates will not be attending events till then. What is the industry to do? Find out in a webinar on Wed, May 20th. Other events: MY: Halal Quest; SG: Future Cities; HK: Post-Bug Entrepreneur.