YC's Latest

Y Combinator's admission for its upcoming summer 2020 batch closed on March 16th, though it may still consider late entries (probably need to be exceptional). Here's a sample of its latest portfolio companies:

Virus Fighting
  • Luminostics - Smartphone based testing
  • BillionToOne - Test that is 30x faster than existing ones
  • Inokyo - Compliance contact tracing for factories & workplaces
  • Voodoo - On-demand 3D printer outfit turned PPE manufacturer
  • Niclosamide - Candidate treatment post image

Top Companies valuation
  • Cruise - Self-driving, electric car
  • Flexport - Supply chain visibility
  • Faire - Allow small biz to sell wholesale
  • Embark - Self driving truck
  • IrconClad - Digital contracts

Current Batch w2020
  • Glisten - Computer vision as a service
  • Jamiphy - Tik Tok for musicians (vs cutesy memes)
  • Nimbus - Electric vehicle that is redesigned ground up
  • Teleo - Tele (remote) operated construction equipment
  • Tambua - Lung imaging using sound (vs X-rays)