Virtual Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe
Hannover Messe is the first major trade exhibition (that we noticed) that has gone virtual. It is now in the form of a show directory. For smaller shows, show directories (exhibitor listings) are usually not made available whereas top fairs normally do provide them but these tend to be hard to navigate and have few product details. In contrast, virtual Hannover Messe's directory is easy to browse and provides ample product info.

Virtual Exhibition
Directories are 2 dimensional. To take it to the next level is to go 3D. How would this work? One possibility is when the virtual fair opens, using a screen or goggles, you would navigate the fair in VR. Each exhibitor has a stand and each sales rep is a virtualised real person. The attendees crowded round the stand are vritualised real buyers who are visiting at the same time as you.

Demo Day
While incubators & accelerators take a break during the lockdown, ASDA managed to recruit a bumper batch of startups for its virtual accelerator. Among them are LocusXR (virtual exhibitions), Nanobar (mini vending machines), MercuryPay (universal wallet), Sago (AI news portal) and iCycle (social credit for recycling). Catch the online demo day on May 5th here.

Other Events
What is Fintech + Gaming? Could be gambling, digital game tokens, or something like the Boost e-wallet where users shake their smartphones to get a rebate. [tix | Apr 28]. The lockdown is an ideal time to launch a digital bank but there are many other possibilities. [tix | Apr 29]. F&B is under a cloud but some eateries are doing very well going back to basics. [tix | Apr 28].