Virtual Events

In-person events is one activity and industry that have been heavily curtailed by the bug. In response, events is one of the fastest to move online, to go virtual. Some observations on FB and Zoom live events, and YouTube videos:
  • Best to have 1, 2 or 4 panellists or speakers.
  • 1 requires speaker be knowledgeable, articulate and charismatic.
  • 2 allows attention to be focused on the speaker, host moderating.
  • 4 allows the screen to be filled, more speakers will be distracting.
  • Keep sessions short coz audience isn't captive like in-person events.
  • The skill of the moderator is key to getting the best out of speakers.
  • Short notice is fine, catch audience as when they are available.
  • 1-2 two week lead times still great, particularly for bigger events.
  • Timing is key, don't catch folks when they are busy with work.
  • The biggest local online panel we saw had an audience of 3.5K.
  • Its success was due to star moderator, speakers and topic.
  • They kept the event gripping, thus audience did not drop out.
  • As more events come online, quality of production will be key.
  • Quality events could attract kindred sponsorship.
  • Room at the corners of the screen for a sponsor logo.
  • Look forward to further innovation in online events.