The Return of Social Media

Alternate Universe
The bug restricted the physical world for many folks. Fortunately, tech has created a 'virtual world', an 'alternate universe', for them (though not everyone can access it). Made possible by:
  • Internet: protocols, routers etc
  • Web: webpages. links, images, videos etc
  • Messaging: email, whatsapp etc
  • Social media: fb, ig, tw, tt etc
  • Internet of money: epayments, ebanking etc
  • Meetups: fb live, zoom, slack etc
  • Services: ecommerce, cloud etc
  • Devices: smartphones, laptops etc

Social Media
  • Folks confined to homes, indications are FB usage is on the rise.
  • FB live events (some very good) have immediacy and relevance.
  • Filling a niche formerly occupied by drive-time radio.
  • Youngsters are on FB too but use it very differently vs the oldsters.
  • Other new uses of FB include an e-bazaar discussed below.

  • How to move a bazaar online, taking with it the buzz?
  • Perhaps not in neat emarketpaces or ecoomerce sites.
  • Instead, an open FB group for small merchants and buyers.
  • Closest approximation of the chaos and buzz of a bazaar.
  • Example: an e-bazaar for ramadan. via