Private Accelerator

There is news of an ad agency closing shop. A video search of the agency showed just a few videos are associated with it in recent years. Regardless, this is a great chance for local agencies to fill the vacancy with new works. There are many opportunities (in our opinion as consumers). For example, current ads come across as a tad formulaic while we see many fresh works by young content creators (you gotta to look for them). Another example is the emerging field of live streaming with audiences from 50 to 1,000. Seemingly negligible numbers by traditional metrics, but the viewers choose to view, not forced to like for TV. And the viewers could be influencers themselves, so the metric multiplier could be perhaps, say, 100.

It is a minor miracle that a substantial magazine stable survived to this day, full credit to the publisher, advertisers and the magazine-buying public. The stable had one magazine for each demographic segment, perhaps a new publisher could fill the niches with a cross segment magazine. At LRT stations, there are many kiosks selling snacks but few to none sell newspapers and magazines. Especially newspapers since it has a shelf-life of only one day. One way to help mags and papers is if transit operators insist these be stocked as a condition of the lease. Another way to incentivise reading (of books, mags, papers etc) is by tax relief (say 50%-80% vs current 5%-20% depending on the purchaser's personal tax rate). Magazine delivery, anyone?

This is a private accelerator by one person, an industrialist. An accelerator for distressed companies. One of the conditions is 'The Captain is always right, I'm the Captain'. This is perhaps like a boat adrift in stormy seas. A freighter passes by and offers to rescue the crew and optionally the boat. If the crew accepts a tow or board the ship they are obliged to be under the command of the freighter's captain. A laudable effort by the industrialist (we are not acquainted with him) especially since lately we have been seeing a slew of webinars offering advice on how to shed staff. It will be great if accountants could also join in to offer tips on restructuring, applying for aid etc.

Pick of Events
HyperSpark, a sustainability accelerator, will be holding an online demo day on May 6th [tix] featuring Augmentus (code free robot programming), SenzeHub (wearable health monitor), Accredify (digital education certificates), Noice (organic toothpaste) and other startups. There are many other online events, check your social media feed(s).