Pandemic Pantry

'Pandemic Pantry' is an alliterative term, consisting of words that begin with the same consonant. Another alliteration is the tongue twister 'she sells sea shells by the sea shore'. Alliterative brand names include Coca-Cola, Dunkin' Donuts, PayPal and TikTok (and maybe even Google, Twitter, Lelong and Mamak at a stretch). Examples of alliterative phrases are 'busy as a bee', 'good as gold' and 'home sweet home'. In the above video, Daniel Radcliffe raps an alliterative Alphabet Aerobics.

Pandemic Pantry
Some random notes related to food delivery and the lockdown:
  • Home cooking makes a comeback after folks find it can be fun.
  • Some eateries look to have successfully transitioned to online. Among the strategies are to provide meals that are designed for home diners, family meals that are not easily replicable at home and fresh marketing (vs posting the table menu).
  • For the budget conscious, check out the new 'Super Budget' section in our food delivery post (due to delivery charges, these budget meals make economic sense only if ordered in multiple servings).
  • Whatsapp is a useful ordering tool. Though not very scalable, it allows the personality of the eatery to come through.
  • In the US, an upmarket eatery with a software development arm created a food delivery app to cater for the fine dining market. Locally, a number of startups are racing to capture the popular street food market.