Lockdown Musings II

Return to Work?
  • Will the lockdown in MY be extended? With the number of new cases stubbornly hovering around 150 per day and testing still being ramped up, it is likely the lockdown will be extended or selectively extended.
  • Possible selective extension may be something like allowing lift technicians to carry out scheduled maintenance before lifts start breaking down (not sure if this is already exempted), or resuming manufacturing of exports that are critically needed elsewhere (manufacturers may need to provide meals, bus in workers and appoint health inspectors, a minor fillip to the economy).

  • Co-working is taking a beating as workers stay home though the spaces could have reserves from pre-paid memberships.
  • Will workers return to co-working after they have gotten used to working from home and coordinating with colleagues online?
  • One possible upside for co-working spaces is, if landlords lay it heavy on tenants during the lockdown, the tenants may later rejig to work-from-home and use co-working spaces for on-demand space. Another is on the resumption of business and the possible pivots of the economy, new businesses may need new office space.

National Hoarding
  • Dramatic reports are coming in of countries reserving ventilators, high grade masks and hydroxychloroquine. Perhaps countries could reserve, say, 50% and release 50% to partially fulfil orders.
  • Hypothetical illustration: if VN intends to reserve its rice exports, it could reserve 50% and allow the rest to be exported, So, say, in MY which partially imports rice from VN, folks will get half a nasi lemak (coconut milk infused rice) for breakfast, not ideal but probably still acceptable in a bind.