Gone Marbles

After F1 and MotoGP (and NASCAR and Indycar too), FE (Formula E), the electric racing championship, is next to go virtual. Unlike F1 and MotoGP where drivers and riders race virtually using game consoles, FE has partnered with Jelle's Marble Runs to virtualise its races as rolling marbles. The above is a clip of the Paris leg. Not very captivating (because the race tries to replicate the physical circuit) but A for effort by FE. Possible upgrades: 'onboard cameras' and circuit concepts like dunes, mlympics and marathons. [FE will still be running regular virtual races, the marble race is a supporting act.]

How to reopen offices and eateries? Reports are in that, bug fighting wise, sunlight and fresh ventilation are good, aircons less so. This suggest spaces could benefit from flow-through ventilation using, say, open windows at the front and exhaust fans at the back, and having stand, table or box fans for personal cooling. Even better, take a leaf from Korean BBQ eateries. Each table has its own chimney to extract fumes to the sunlit roof.